Reducing poverty, through relationships, education and  understanding

Team Vista is a humanitarian and aid project operating in the communities in Moshi, Tanzania. Our programs aim to give young people the best education possible and support their livelihoods to improve intergeneration poverty.

A group of children in Africa

Our Purpose

To promote education that leads to empowered communities and opens doors to a better quality of life.

About Team Vista

Team Vista is an organisation working in partnership with the Global Development Group to end educational poverty in communities in Moshi Tanzania, Africa. The communities of Kaloleni and Pasua are located in and around the rubbish dump, and are some of the poorest in the country.

Our goal is to educate young people in the community, so they are empowered to improve their lives and can learn how to better support those around them. We ensure our children get a quality education, with the infrastructure, school supplies, and recreational activity all children deserve.

How To Help


This holiday season, Team Vista is thrilled to introduce a new way to spread joy while making a meaningful impact in the lives of impoverished children in Moshi, Tanzania. We understand the struggle of finding the perfect gift, especially for loved ones who already seem to have everything. That's why we've curated a selection of thoughtful and impactful gifts that not only warm the heart but also make a real difference in the world.

Introducing our Christmas (or any other time) Gift Certificate!

Ever find it challenging to buy something for Grandma, who seems to have everything she wants anyway? We have the solution—gift her the joy of providing Food for a Month for a school child at just $40. Imagine the smiles and gratitude you'll be sharing across continents!

For those who appreciate the power of education, consider gifting a set of pens and pencils for $5. It's a small gesture that can empower a child's journey of learning and self-discovery. Every stroke of the pencil is a step toward a brighter future.

But that's not all—these gifts come with an extra touch of warmth. All our gift certificates are not just tokens of love; they are also tax-deductible! Your generosity goes beyond the immediate impact, creating lasting change and fostering hope for a better tomorrow.

This year, make a difference with our gift certificates! It's not just a present; it's a powerful way to change a life.

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Buy a Brick concept explanation

As we move forward this year, we are filled with deep gratitude for the exceptional support the Team Vista project has received. Your generosity has played a pivotal role in the development of the Team Vista Community Centre, helping us raise significant funds towards our ambitious goal. We are deeply thankful for every contribution that has illuminated our path with hope.

Achievements to Date:

Your unwavering support has propelled us to achieve remarkable milestones in our journey to build a foundation for community strength and resilience:

Laying a foundation that grounds our mission
Erecting walls that shape the space for dreams and learning
Constructing a roof with guttering to protect and provide shelter
Installing a water tank to ensure our growth and sustainability

Our Next Steps:

While we celebrate our accomplishments, our vision for the Community Centre remains vast and inclusive, with several critical tasks ahead to bring this vision to full fruition:

Ceiling board installation to enhance the interior's finish
Electrical installations to provide essential lighting to the space
Tiling to welcome steps into a durable and inviting space
Adding a bathroom to ensure comfort and accessibility for all
Plastering (inside and outside) for a smooth and aesthetic finish
Painting to infuse the centre with colour and warmth
Creating a kitchen equipped with essential amenities for community use
Finalising outdoor landscaping, including a cement driveway and a lush green lawn for outdoor activities and gatherings

To accomplish these next phases, we have adjusted our goal to $60,000, reflecting the updated needs and costs of completing the Community Centre.

This enhanced goal will enable us to create a space not just built of bricks and mortar but filled with opportunities for education, empowerment, and community unity.

Why Your Support Matters Now More Than Ever:

The Community Centre will play a crucial role in the Moshi community—a place where dreams are nurtured, and empowerment is realised. With the progress we've made and the journey still ahead, your continued support is crucial.We invite you to join us in this next crucial phase. Your donation, big or small, contributes to building a future where our community can thrive together. Let's unite to complete a centre that will serve as a lifeline and a hub of hope for generations to come.Together, we can turn our shared vision into a reality. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Donate Today: Every dollar brings us closer to our goal. No amount is too small, and every contribution is a step toward completing this vital community structure.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with friends, family, and colleagues. Your voice can amplify our reach and bring us closer to those who share our vision.

Business Partnerships: If you know of businesses that are passionate about community development, please connect us. We believe in the strength of partnerships and the collective impact we can create together.

Your support is not just a donation; it's an investment in the future—a future where the Team Vista Community Centre stands tall as a symbol of unity and progress.

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A cute African kids face

Sponsoring a child can change the trajectory of their life. We aim for our students to attend school all the way through to the end of high school. For only $25 per month, your child sponsorship payments will provide the following:

  • Health care (regular check-ups and emergency)
  • Uniforms and shoes
  • School equipment and resources
  • One cooked meal per day

Many children living in poverty in Tanzania receive little or no education without programs like ours. By sponsoring children you help give them a better, brighter future.

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A teacher is reading the book for African children.

Team Vista is proud to be a partner (Project J624N) with Global Development Group, an Australian DFAT approved non-government organisation carrying out essential humanitarian projects to relieve poverty and provide long-term solutions for some of the world's most impoverished people.

Global Development Group acts in a governance role and assists us in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure our Team Vista projects are carried out to the highest standard and DFAT requirements.

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If you're interested in volunteering, we are always looking out for inspiring and motivated individuals of all ages to join our team!

You'll join us in Moshi, Tanzania and spend time helping out in the classrooms, teaching English, playing games and sport with the community, singing with our Primary School kids, painting schoolroom walls, as well as visiting the many safari parks, waterfalls and Hot Springs.

You'll be making a difference to the lives of the local community, while exploring one of the most beautiful natures on earth.

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Sponsorship – Where does your money go?

We track every ounce of your sponsorship dollars. So before you consider sponsoring a child, we invite you to view the below...

We track every ounce of your sponsorship dollars. So before you consider sponsoring a child, we invite you to view the below...

Every week, community members (usually grandmothers) come to Team Vista House looking for help with schooling their child. Getting an education is crucial to keeping the children on the path toward a better quality life.

If we don't have enough sponsors, the child's name is placed onto a ‘waiting list’. If a sponsored child leaves the community, then a sponsor may become available.

Please know our staff make background checks on the families seeking support.

13 years Operation
20+ Humanitarian Projects
250+ Children Sponsored
13 years Operation
Children Sponsored
13 years Operation
Humanitarian Projects

Our Key Projects

Our Key Projects

Children sponsorship program.

Child sponsorship can help to break that cycle of poverty - with recent independent studies on child sponsorship showing that on average, sponsor children stay in school 1-1.5 years longer than their non-sponsored peers.

As a sponsor, you will receive an information sheet about your child and regular updates.

​To change a child's life and give them a brighter future, please fill out the form below and a Team Vista representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Msasani Young Women's Empowerment group project

In conjunction with Msasani Secondary School, Team Vista has set up a Young Women's ‘hang-out’ space in a vacant classroom at the School based in Kaloleni.

To date we have had many successful young women from our Empowerment Group who are now in University or College. When they come back to the community for their holidays, they not only return to visit Team Vista home but they volunteer their time to Team Vista and spend time sharing their experiences with the Empowerment Group.

Men's empowerment group image

In association with the Msasani Secondary School, Team Vista has begun a Young Men’s Empowerment Group.

The group is a safe place for young men to congregate, connect and become educated on a variety of topics.

The group focuses on educating these young men about the importance of treating everyone as equals. We teach them how to show care and respect for the females in their life, and show them how they can help build a better future for their community.

This group has proven to be very influential on this up-and-coming generation of young men at the Msasani Secondary School.

Team Vista children's home

In 2011, Team Vista recognised a need for a children’s home in the Kaloleni area. We rented a premisis which gave our Coordinator and staff an office as well as  housing some young boys.

Team Vista has recently purchased a plot of land near the home where we hope to build a community hall/office and a new Team Vista home at the rear.

The Audrey Priest Community Centre will give us more room for tuition classes, adult education and training as well as general use  for the community for meetings, weddings, funerals etc.

Tatu Rafiki project image

Three years ago Team Vista took under our ‘banner’ three wonderful deaf tailors –  Tatu Rafiki which means three friends. Polcaripy Mwacha his wife and her  sister Merceline Selestin and Merycedesi Selestin.

We set up a workshop for them  at Haria Hotel and they quickly started sewing – the usual touristy type clothing such as Katanga bags, happy pants and simple dresses. As time went by, their reputation grew and they were making shirts and skirts for tourists that came to stay at Haria.

Newland village farm program.

Team Vista has purchased a plot of land in the village of Newland, thanks to our major sponsor W and G Engineering, located around half an hour from Moshi.

A  house has also been built and after a few unsuccessful attempts to employ a farmer, Team Vista has now given the opportunity to farm to one of our young Team Vista boys, Rama.

Newland is a fast growing community and has now town water on each home. Electricity wiring  is now in place and connected.


We urgently need your help to transport a shipping container filled with essential medical supplies from Australia to Tanzania!
min read

We urgently need your help to transport a shipping container filled with essential medical supplies from Australia to Tanzania!

We are raising $10,000 to send a shipping container filled with second-hand school furniture, medical supplies, and other essential items to underprivileged schools and communities in Moshi, Tanzania.
Mama Kaloleni - Clayton Frost's Time in Kaloleni
min read

Mama Kaloleni - Clayton Frost's Time in Kaloleni

Clayton Frost, shares his life-changing experience of his time spent in Kaloleni with Team Vista.
Our Director, Kerry Frost, Reflects on her time in Tanzania
min read

Our Director, Kerry Frost, Reflects on her time in Tanzania

Our Director, Kerry, reflects on her time in Moshi, Tanzania. Whilst in Tanzania, Kerry and the team were able to complete and begin some exciting projects. The final bricks were laid for the Audrey-Priest Community Centre, Kerry taught girls in the community to make soap which they can then sell, the Team Vista farm has had irrigation installed and much more.
Project: Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Kaloleni Primary School
min read

Project: Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Kaloleni Primary School

Thanks to our volunteers, the children at Kaloleni Primary School have access to a more hygienic toilet and their risk of disease has been greatly reduced.
Fixing fence’s around our vital garden
min read

Fixing fence’s around our vital garden

It was crucial that the fencing around the Team Vista house was adequately repaired and maintained for not only pest control but to ensure that those staying there are able to have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
The day in the life of a Team Vista volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania
min read

The day in the life of a Team Vista volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania

Have you ever wondered what it would be like volunteering in a developing country? We invite you to read the account of Lou and her experience coming to Moshi and volunteering with us.


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